geometri soru bankası pdf

Geometry Textbook-(book consisting of tests, solutions and provisions of formulas)

Geometry issues by testing and test of the solution the treatment original technique six simple, fluently telling catchy, geometry questions of logic of clutch to help the course and exam booster effect have you achievement our teachers and operate enjoying our book this student we believe you will like.

Book for those who do not know geometry.

We have demonstrated how to solve geometry questions, how to follow the roads and ways, and the formula’s exit point.

Genarally the qualified learning of the person in the preparatin process of life from each device has an effect on the quality of life.We are desired to do the best in our studies to give main source book quality to geometry course.

We recommend you to check the solution for questions first of the geometry solution question bank.As you reduce your mistakes, you will notice that your level of knowledge will increase, and this will increase your success and your interest in the course of geometry.

Would you like to shine the geometry now and look at the inside face?

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